Saturday, June 3, 2017

May Creations and Experimentation

This is an assortment of traditional tiles and ZIA's I created during the month of May.  When I was in Maine with my sister, mother and brother, my talented artist sister gave us a quick tutorial on monoprinting.  When I returned to California I acquired a Gel Plate to continue the print learning process.  I was also inspired by some tiles that Laura Harms, CZT did using a black gesso string.

Gel Print background with black micron pen.

Gel Print background with brown micron pen and pastel.

Gel Print background with white and red acrylic on black paper with white gel pen, black micron pen and graphite pencil.

Black gesso background with white gel pen.

White gesso mixed with black acrylic on white cardboard with white gel pen, black micron and graphite pencil.

Black and White Tiles:


  1. These are amazing! I need to follow this blog!

  2. Katy, you get a different kind of depth with the gel plate! Love the direction you're going. I would call them experiments except they're so finished! Have you tried any with deeper colours? Can't wait to see where this goes!